Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ze Emperor's Movie Poster

This is a terrible movie that you should watch when you're high or on any other kind drugs. If you are forced to watch this at a party, please do not suffer and kill yourself immediately. If you are forcing others to watch this, you are the scum of humanity.

so after you've subjected yourself to a movie that killed an already disabled franchise... Go and watch this!


  1. Looks okay, I suggest you make the characters fade into the background, or crop them better. To be brutally honest, this is pretty mediocre. But all in all I rate it 10/10-IGN

  2. (>.<) The size was suppose to be 8"x10". Good movie poster~! Adding more details would make it so much better, though. :D

  3. Good poster, but you should make the poster in portrait instead of landscape.

  4. you should fine tune the edges more m8

  5. This poster is totes 8 by 10
    Mr. Mark
    (people who went to the yearbook thing)