Monday, April 20, 2015

Emperor Blackbird Enterprises Stop Motion Plan

This will no longer be a full length video but instead a short teaser trailer like video.
The deadline should have been the next class but to issues with sound it should be the class after that.

Also can scan the drawings into a computer instead of taking pictures of them?
Title: Legacy
Theme: Revenge
Medium: Pen and Paper
 Step 1: Draw around 20 to 30 pictures (2 periods)
Step 2: Coloring the intense scenes (2 periods) (Removing this step all together)
step 3a: Making dialogue? (1 period) (Same here)
Step 3b: Speech Bubbles (1 period) (and here)
Step 4: Taking Pictures (1 period)
Step 5: Animating pictures (2 periods)
Step 6: Epic Soundtrack Production ( 1 period)
Step 7: Piece everything together (half a period)
Step 8: Final Revision (half a period)
Step 9: Publish  (5-10 minutes)
Step 10: Profit
Timeline: Could probably finish in 12 periods(including before school and weekends)

Name: Ro Nato
Age: 18
Weight: 175 Lbs
Height: 5"11'
Blood type: AB
Sign: Virgo
Role: Protagonist
Back story:
Daughter of far away king Nickolos, who was killed by Aust III, and she seeks revenge. However, she is oblivious to the fact that he was killed by Aust III, but she does know the general area of her father's assassin. She obtains this information from a note at the scene of the crime and vows revenge. She then comes upon her mother's pregnant corpse, and tells her that she will fulfill her mother's wishes for her to play guitar.
Personality: Cold and aloof initially but becomes more open to others.

Name: Ray Ven
Age: 21
Weight: 190 Lbs
Height: 6"2'
Blood type: O
Sign: Aquarius
Role: Deuteragonist
Back story:
Descendant of Raven II, who's predecessor was Raven, the
 benevolent, mythical, mystical, and majestic guitar virtuoso of The Aluminum Chaulmoogras. Ray Ven is also regarded as a bit of a celebrity, since he is dubbed "The Legendary Rocker of the 21st Century". Ray Ven is an enigma, as he is naive, yet wise. Intelligent, yet nonsensical. Complex, yet simple. However, he then develops a lust for blood, and goes insane.
Personality: Eccentric and carefree in the beginning but becomes more crazy and unpredictable

Ro Nato wanders the ruins of (Raven's Guitar) searching for her parents killer. One day she stumbles upon the ruins of The Black Palace. There she runs into Ray Ven. The two "Battle" and Ray Ven seeing Ro's potential, decides to take her under his wing.

Ray Ven brings Ro to his friend Aust III who recognizes Ro as the daughter of king Nickolos. He tricks Ray into leaving Ro behind and leaves Ro to her doom. Ray realizing his mistake, returns for Ro and "kills" Aust. He then makes Ro his successor, the Legendary Rocker of the 22nd century. Time skip two years later, Ray is killed by Aust's older yet shorter brother, Ch'ahd. Ro then teams up with Ray's previous pupils, Kaori and Ma Shiro.

Ro challenges Ch'ahd's band, The Golden Willow and forms the second coming of The Aluminum Chaulmoogra's. The two bands battle into the night until Ro eventually "kills" Ch'ahd and avenges Ray and her parents and takes her rightful title as the legendary rocker of the 22nd century.


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