Monday, April 20, 2015

Sarah's Stop Motion Plan

Topic/ story line: Beginning with a figure, (a wooden drawing doll) looking at itself critically in a mirror because of the lack of interest/color that occupies its body, making him not original. Expresses envy for things that are colorful, decides to search for a way to make him different. Walks around my house/ school/ table etc. Finds something, man ordinary object (strawberry, chalk, cup etc. any thing colorful) and picks it up. He picks it up and decides to keep it, this happens a couple more times until he realizes that everything he had taken with him make him colorful (I will paint the doll the same color of the object that the doll touched). In the end he looks in the mirror and smiles.
-Figure >wooden
-Paint brushes
-ordinary objects that are colorful
Plan: I will try to take most of my pictures at home to keep the lighting the same. I will edit my pictures at school.I will try to get all my pictures together and edited, as well as having the soundtrack by Thursday, and will try to publish it during that period.


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