Monday, April 20, 2015

Mika's Stop Motion

My idea for the stop motion video is about a guy who can control weather by his emotion. If he is happy, the weather will be sunny, if he is sad, it'll rain, and if he is mad, there would be a thunder storm.

First of all, the story will start when the boy was sad because he was lonely. Since his mom knows that he can control weather, she has to do everything to make him happy so she gave him a balloon. The guy was happy so he went outside to play with the balloon. He went to the park and see kids playing so he was jealous, he doesn't have friends but he thought its ok since he has a balloon.10 minutes later, he accidentally lose it and it started raining. A girl however, saw him alone in the rain so she went to him and  shared umbrella. Afterwards she asked if they want to be friends. 

First Class: Ideas
Second class: Props
Third Class: work on it
Fourth Class: Pictures
Fifth Class: Pictures
Sixth Class: Edit

Things I will be using:
Sony Vegas (Sony Vegas)


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