Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Denice's Remembrance Day Reflection

I choose this photo because my part was to find a picture of children holding each others hands. Tried to find a picture of children holding hands but all i found was couples and stuff. And besides I think picture has a lot of meaning to it.

  • Putting all the photos from our Remembrance Day group folder.
  • Delete some that we didn't use.
  • Putting the photos in order.  
  • Record our voices
  • Edit the voices.
  • Putting the Image Citations
I've never used iMovie before, so I didn't even how to use it but it was fun  learning new things with people who doesn't know how to use iMovie either. I've never used mac before so i didn't know how to put photos in or record and edit the recording. But now i know but I'll probably forget the steps anyways. This our short film it was mostly Jayson who did the work so I thank him for that. Jayson didn't want to talk because he said it will be weird because there is 3 girls and 1 guy talking. I was fine with that I didn't care but everything turn out good except for the intro, I hope there is more assignments like this but not showing it to the whole school.


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