Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lizley's Remembrance Day Reflection

This photo is phtotshoppdd by me. It's a collaboration of the photos I like. I chose the picture with the soldiers because it show the soldiers' real feelings with war. The seem tough to our sight but in reality, they're also people like us, who have feelings. And also I put the photo with a crowd of people because it shows the people the soldiers are dying for. And then, I used the poppies on the background.


  1. I made a presentation in Google Drive then shared it with my group members.
  2. We copied then paste the poem to our Google Drive then divided the poem into four for each of us.
  3. We looked for images for our stanzas.
  4. We pasted the images on our slide and pasted the links on the Image Citations slide.
  5. We added some typography on our slides but those were not included in making the video.
  6. We put the images to iMovie.
  7. Then we added audio.

What I learned in iMovie
  • There is an effect called Ken Burns
  • How to add audio
  • How to add photos
  • You can add effects

Photo links


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