Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jayson's Remembrance Day Reflection

Operation Enduring Freedom


I made this video by first getting a group. Harbeck placed me in a random group and we were given a list of poems to choose from. Our group chose the poem "A Wish" by Maxine Kendall. When all the groups were assigned a poem, our next task was to search for pictures that match what the poem was saying and dump all of it into a Google drive post that is shared with the whole group and Harbeck. I was given a section of the poem which reads,

"I could despair of seeing
peace throughout the land,
no longer hearing talk of war,
blood with desert sand"

The hardest part about this assignment is that I had to do was to find pictures for each sentence. I only came up with two pictures for this whole paragraph. The photo I did for "no longer hearing talk of war, blood mixed with desert sand," was the best picture I've found relating to the sentence.

After getting the pictures, we put all of the groups pictures into iMovie. We had to put voice overs for the pictures to actually make the movie. I was the one who had to edit the movie and the girls did the voices. I had a lot of fun doing this project with my group and I feel proud that it got shown in the Remembrance Day Ceremony. 


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