Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mika's Remembrance Day Reflection

iMovie was really difficult to work because one, I never used it, and two, I never used mac. We didn't know how to put fonts on top of fonts on iMovie so what we did was put fonts on google drive presentation and print screen all the slides. Each of us had a job, my job was to put fonts on pictures, print screen, and send it to them. Sophia is in charge of arranging pictures, Theresa and Patricia is in charge of keeping us in task. It was really stressful because our pictures was all plain so I put fonts on it and it was our last day to work on it so I had to rush putting fonts. I wasn't with my group the whole time so I didn't know how they use iMovie. After I send them the pictures, we arranged it to proper place, record our voices, add some transition and we're done! I can't believe we finished everything in one day though. The problem in our video is that our audio is really bad, our voices are quiet, and I didn't pronounce my words properly.


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