Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lizley's Photo Essay

Art is all about expression and experience. It is how you interpret your feelings and expression. It is how you deliver your experience of feelings to other people. 

Artists have different views of art and express their thoughts and feelings. They do abstract or realistic but what matter is the message. It could be joy, beauty, mystery and darkness or some scene meaningful to you or you think is meaningful. 

It doesn't really matter how much brushes you have and how good are they.

And how old or new your brushes are

Nor how many good paints you use.

It doesn't matter how good your hand could draw. Or how beautiful your artwork is.

But the way you express it.

And the reason why you use it.

And to fill your world with colors.

You don't have to wait for somebody to teach you. Inspirations come by to you everyday. So measure your limits and find out what you can do.

The time is running but it's never too late to share your thoughts

And to find inspiration.


  1. You have a very amazing talent when it comes to painting and artistry. You're photography talent is also really good

  2. Liz

    Set up of Blog (5)
    Published You have all of this done well. (5)

    Set up of body (10)
    Presentation YOu set up your post correctly (10)

    Story (25)
    Describe why your subject is important or have a story! I like how you told the story of your art. How it is about the art and the artist not the quality of the materials. (21)

    Quality of Photos 35
    tell a story

    I like how you used different angles and points of focus to tell your story. You also did a good job of using selfies to show the art in progress. The lighting is a bit dark. You might want to use different parts of your house or times of day to get different effects in your photos. 30