Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Daves photo Essay

AAAAAAHHHHHH IT'S DECEMEBER! MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR! Its the time where i can spend time with my family and enjoy everyones company. When the first snowflake falls, its just too beautiful. And when it get all cold! Ugh I can't

Its when the innocent asian household forgets their "flip flops" outside and this happens...

When winter takes its toll on nature.

And then a blizzard comes along to make the bushes look like a beautiful frosted cupcake.

When that song of frosty the snowman goes on the radio and seeing all those snowmen on the yard and us teenagers saying " you tried"

Enjoying the great outdoors. When so much snow attaches onto your gloves. OH and when an innocent snowball fight..... 

turns into this 

But then after, enjoying what nature does to the simplest things. What mother nature does.

Afterwards coming into your warm home enjoying some hot cocoa from Tims.

Baking cookies in the toaster because your parents don't trust you with the oven

But the BEST thing about december...

is setting up that beautiful Christmas tree and then waiting for Santa to come!

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