Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Julius' Photo Essay

The Land of My Possessions is full of Myths and legends, of those who control and those who wield, I being one of them. These are only a small sample from the archive of myths.

The poor controller has endured a lot of hardships, such as being dropped from high in the air, to being thrown against the wall, yet it still stands, and does not complain. It’s brother did not survive and thus has to provide for the system all by itself.

The Divine Controller has been bleeding uncontrollably for many years, yet it has stood the test of time. It has worked tirelessly for it’s master the divine wielder. It is the perfect servant. Never complaining, always on time, never questions and follows orders without a second thought. The two divine deities have survived many hardships together even in the harshest of times. The Divine controller has been there since the beginning and it will be there for the end!

Many say the palace of the Controllers have been there since before the Controllers themselves. It is said to be the source of power in the world. It is the source of all light and energy. However every ten years, the palace has been known to lose power, and plunges the world into darkness. This phase in time is known as the Rule of Darkness. The Darkness reigns for many years, until the Divine Wielder returns. Until the Rule of Darkness comes back, the Light of the Divine Wielder will shine upon every corner, every curve, and everything in the world.

My entire collection in full view.jpg

The Armory of the Controllers is massive, and though many speculate it’s contents, no one dares to find out, for they fear the Wrath of the Wielder. Many of his treasures have been lost to time and thievery for those who are not afraid of his might’s wrath.  Many in his armory has been lost to those who would use them against him. For this he has since forsaken many of his subjects. And in return they beg, plead, and pray for his forgiveness.

I tried to get that light streak! Yet I failed.jpg

In the beginning there was one and only one, who controlled, who manipulated and who commanded. Legend has it that it has abandoned all in the world, for the world has turned it’s back. Throwing it at walls, falling from unimaginable heights. It had enough of the Wielders abuse and so decided to rebel.

My faves.jpg

And so the One and Original Controller, brought upon the Darkness once more, against his brothers, children, and his own father the Divine Controller. For years the rebellion caused strife until the One and Original fell, leaving his lonely brother, to keep the world in check. All knowledge of the One and Original was erased from all minds, except the Wielder and Controller’s own. However his weapons and possessions are still out there, and many dare to find them.

Ghost System.jpg
Out from the chaos created by the Darkness, came The System. From which the new line of Controllers come from. Created by the last of the First line of Controllers, The System was created by the last brother of the One and Original Controller, whose wish was to never see one of his brothers harmed again.


  1. The pictures are consecutive but the text is... interesting. I like the light in the pictures.

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