Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jayson's Photo Essay


It’s December 25, Christmas day.

A time of happiness,

and joy for everyone who celebrates on this special occasion.

Light 3.jpg

For the people who celebrate Christmas,
they usually decorate their house with various ornaments that light up in the night.


They even decorate the inside of their house,

so visitors can appreciate the effort they put into Christmas.


Some people go a little easy on the decorating.
But it still makes their house stand out in the night.

Lights 2.jpg

Others put a lot of effort into decorating their house,

So people can stop and watch how beautiful  the decorations are.

Xmas Cactus.jpg

There are a lot of things that represent Christmas,
like a Christmas cactus that blooms in December.

Xmas Tree.jpg

The most popular one the pine tree,

also known as the Christmas tree,

where people decorate it with different types of decorations.


Even with all the decorations,

you can’t have a Christmas tree

without a star on top.

For kids, they mostly care

about what’s underneath the tree.
The presents given to the child from their family.

Or from a child's perspective,
they think the present's from the guy up north. 
Christmas is also a religious celebration for some people.
A lot of people can celebrate Christmas is many different ways.
But the most important part of Christmas is having your family with you,
because Christmas isn't complete without them.


  1. You did an excellent job on taking your pictures and had a good story to go with it as well!

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