Monday, December 8, 2014

Hannah's Photo Essay

This picture shows what I see when I wake up every morning, a blue background with white snowflakes.

This is what my bed looks like when I’m not feeling lazy and decided to clean

This shows that I’m going downstairs to eat breakfast with my family.

On the way to breakfast I take a look at our Christmas presents under the tree.

And for breakfast I guess were having milk

with chocolate croissants

After breakfast I go to the basement and use the computer, until...

my mom tells me to fold the laundry

while folding I watch some TV

These are the color pencils I used to help my sister with her art homework.

 Then after that I take a bath and get dressed for the rest of the day.

I read some books,

Drew a picture from the internet,

and played my guitar

I did all the songs I knew and practiced for my test with Ms. Almeida

After that I played Jenga with my sisters

And we went outside to...

build a snowman

Well that’s my day. It’s a good thing I didn’t have homework!

Photo Essay 


  1. This is really nice Hannah! I love the angles you used on some of these.

  2. Hannah

    Set up of Blog (5)
    Published All of these meet criteria (5)

    Set up of body (10)
    Presentation Center justification on the text is not the best for this type of assignment (9)

    Story (25)
    Describe why your subject is important or have a story! You describe your day and I am curious is it a weekend? Are your weekdays the same? Thank you for sharing a day in your life but it was the default essay. I am sure you have other things you are passionate about. (20)

    Quality of Photos 35
    tell a story
    Some photos are well thought out. Others are very plain. The goal was to make these objects special. Did you do much after editing? (30)