Monday, December 8, 2014

Theresa's Photo Essay

My Photo Essay is about what goes on in my life.

I woke up and looked outside the window. The clouds were so pretty I just wanted to take a picture of them.

This is a picture of a street near my house. the snow looks really nice, soft and pristine. I took this picture because this shows the beauty of winter.

This is Sargent Avenue.  I took this picture because I walk this street almost every day going from home to school and back.

I walked past this car covered in snow. I took this picture because this is winter in Canada.

Spring and Fall here in Canada. is very fun as well. Much rain, lots of puddles.

My friends and I love food, especially sweets.This is a cake from a bakery near school. I took this picture because this cake was especially yummy.

Beautiful sunset, I took this picture while on the bridge coming back from my little cousin’s birthday party.

My friends and I go “shopping” to Polo Park sometimes. When I say “shopping”, I mean not actually buying anything but just looking around. This is a mannequin at Forever21.

Just another building. It looked really nice with the sunset that is not in frame. This is near Polo Park where I just went shopping for Christmas presents for my friends.

This is poster of one of my favorite animes, “Fairy Tail”. My friend gave it to me from the Philippines. Around it are some owls I made myself, I like owls.

This is my super decorated lamp in my room. On it are pins, Sargent Park wristbands, ribbons, a mockingjay pin and a pocket watch necklace. behind it on the wall are some of my sticky notes.

This is one of paintings I made. This one is of Slyfoxhound, one of my favorite youtubers. I like art and stuff.

These are collectible POP vinyls. One is of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones and the other is of Baymax with his armor from Big Hero 6.

This is most of my books on a shelf along with a mosaic i had made at school. I love to read and all of these books and authors are amazing.

These are some of my stuffed toys. They are all so adorable and I love cute stuff like this. They are on top of my shelf of books.


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  3. I really like your picture of the bridge with the sun shining in the corner. It looks very good, and I enjoy the enhanced color in the blue sky.

  4. Theresa it's called window shopping :P

    The clouds are very BOOTYFUL!!!! (beautiful)

  5. Your pictures are very colourful! I really like the picture when Mika's shoe stepped on the puddle!

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