Sunday, December 7, 2014

Kris Gail's Photo Essay

I took this picture when my family and came home from church. I took because its part of my life and i like looking at the sky in the morning or night. 

      I took this picture while waiting for my ride. I took this because it looks so beautiful.

I took a picture of this clock because it has a big impact to my life because I always look at the time.

This picture was taken after school. I took a picture of the sky and tree because i like how blue the sky at that time.

This picture is the same from second picture,except it has a further distance.

This keyboard has a impact on life because it was given to me by grandparents. I use it only if i have a free time.

I took a pic of this guitar because it's been with me since i was 8 years.

This is a photo of my Itunes account. I took a picture of it because I use it everyday, I listen to music every where i go and i has a been a best friend for me.

This is my drawing of a flower. I love to draw its one of the things i do when i have a free time 

This some of my books that I have. I love read most likely at night before going to sleep because it make me have more interest of the book I dream of the story.

This is a story that I made for my first story assignment for E.L.A. this year. I also love writing story and writing story makes my thinking expand.

This is a photo of pictures of people that are important to me. I added this because my topic is about impact of life, important, and what I love.


  1. Your pictures are so pretty! I really like the sky pictures, they show so much colour.

  2. The picture in the beginning of your photo essay really caught my attention. It has almost a Gothic aura to it, and I love the bright shining moon in the center of the picture. Good job.

  3. Kris
    Set up of Blog (5)
    Published This is done correctly (5)

    Set up of body (10)
    Presentation The body of the post is done correctly. You have centre justified your writing. You need to left justify. When we use I in a sentence it should be capitalized. (8)

    Story (25)
    Describe why your subject is important or have a story! A day in my life was the default essay. I encouraged you to find different things to take pictures of. It was well done but you need to challenge yourself and find different subject matter. (20)

    Quality of Photos 35
    tell a story I like the variety of photos you have used. They tell a good story. (32)