Monday, December 8, 2014

Sarah's Photo Essay

Sarah's Photo Essay



Through many eyes this may be viewed as dull, morose, bleak, and miserable. This picture may simply bring out your own hatred of the concrete jungle that seemed to miraculously swarm around you and chase away any star glint in the sky, or empty horizon that looks to go on forever. However I chose this theme to exploit the true inner beauty of the industrial world that we are living in. The first picture I am starting off with shows the ambiguity of smoke. I chose this picture because, every second, a new form arises from the dark clouds of pollution, yet they show freedom and resembles the likeness of a pure and simple clouds.


In this picture alone it shows the various curves and edges of the exterior of a train, and the numerous colors almost splashed onto the wheels. I chose this picture because I like the bright blue accent in the wheel, as well as the mechanical aspect of this picture that compliments my theme.   


I chose this picture because I thought it was an honest depiction of the city, the colors are very mute, and the graffiti on the walls seem to almost pop off the walls. I also thought it was interesting the mix of raw urban vandalism turning into a form of art, and yet not to far away grows trees. The industrial city meets aggravated nature.


I have developed a strange liking for rust during this essay. This picture shows the beauty of the decomposition of these poles. Rust inherits many interesting feature colors like orange, yellow, and mahogany which in my eyes are perfect for the palate of my industrial theme.   


Barbed wire, high brick walls, and old, rusted windows. I chose this picture because I appreciated the contrast from the muted grey fence, and the bright orange bricks from the wall. 


To me, this picture mimics a sunset. The building in the middle is the sun, and just below it there is another building that reflects the light and radiates a yellow and copper light. The tires below are like rich, dark soil, already exhumed and ready for planting.


I came across boxes upon boxes, and piles upon piles of this type of garbage on my photography exploration. It was shocking to see the amount of wasted materials that came from a single building. Yet I chose this picture because I liked the jagged edges of the wood, splitting out in different directions. I also wanted to capture the interest to the background of the image to a box with no end framing  more heaps of these waste products.   


I chose this picture because I loved the spider webbed tangled look to these pipes. The rust, and the bright yellow tubing go together very well, and the light blue walls seem to calm everything down enough to enjoy this picture.    

These halved tires were too good to pass by and not photograph. I thought it was eye opening that such a huge amount of rubber just lay  in the snow, seemingly having no purpose. This picture was taken because I liked the natural black and white of the snow coated tires.   


This picture came to me with already with a perfect contrast. The bright orange door steals the show, and the desolate aura to this building enhances the colors near the middle. The boarded up windows, the crumbling bricks and the hint of snow seems good enough for this essay.


I like this picture because of its mysterious nature. I loved the curved metal, and how each circle overlaps each other. This is a picture of a bicycle ring stand at Super store.

Amber trees.jpg

This picture is my pride and glory of this photo essay. The angle of the sunlight shining on the trees make them look like they are glowing or on fire, and the beaten down, washed out building behind it compliments the amber trees. I like the rusted aqua rims of the building as well.


I chose this picture because I enjoyed the orange and blue contrast, they are two colors that are on opposites on the color wheel making the complement each other very well. While taking this picture I was hiding behind another tailor, hoping to catch a glimpse of this scene.The blue semi seemed very vibrant and shiny in contrast to the dull, bleak buildings.


Just guess what this is. This picture was taken at the spur of the moment, and I never really thought that much could come out of it. Though this picture surprised me, I love the angles, and the recession from darkness circling into the light middle. Shopping carts, I guess are industrial-ish, but I chose this picture for the composition, and the pure metal look .


While taking this picture my entire body was shaking, not only from the sheer cold, but from the factor that the worker was tossing large pieces of scrap metal into a pile not too far away from me. Though I knew that from this scene I had to stay a little longer to take just one picture, the sun was out, and the clouds of dust from the tossed scrap metal carried the rays of the sun very nicely.  The green and yellow metal seemed to fit perfectly with the lack of natural green foliage.


This is another picture of the orange door surrounded by a bleak grey boarder. Though I chose this picture because of the vibrant colors and I liked the angle this picture was taken in.I also enjoyed the mosaic reflection in the windows, shining in  many angles of light in different directions.

To end this photo essay, I chose this black and white photo to portray the boldness yet forgotten nature of industrial themed art. It could be something you pass by everyday like one of the things you have seen here, or something miraculous, a strange phenomenon that you know you must capture in one way or another.

Enjoy the slide show below:)


  1. This is really beautiful. Your pictures make me see the true beauty of industry. Though I still think pollution is bad, you've made me look at industry differently.

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad that you think that way. And yes I know pollution is bad

  2. Enjoy stretching your wings as an artist. Always push the envelope and have fun.
    Very well done. Your explanations tell a wonderful story about why you chose your photos or..... your photos tell a great story that you scripted beautifully.


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