Friday, December 5, 2014

Raven's Photo Essay

This is my Photo essay, welcome to my Dark Abyss! (Just kidding)

The following is a tale of epic proportions, including Hierarchies, Musical Instruments and Libertarianism.

This was a photo I edited just for fun.

Now on to the actual work.

I like this photo because I believe it shows my improvement of photo editing, and camera angles and shots. My friend took it, but I directed his as to what to do. Overall, it looks pretty cool if I do say so myself. Perhaps to the point where I may buy it or something.

Onto the Musical Instruments, which I use daily, because Music to me is very dear, and therefore, very important to I.

Here, I took a picture of my Acoustic Guitar Headstock with my iPod 5th Gen Camera. It was actually already pretty high-def, but I amplified it further, and ended up with this.

As I side note to notify you right now, many of the following pictures were taken via iPod Camera, and not Canons.

Here, a full picture of my Acoustic Beauty.

An obscure item known as an Ocarina. It's basically a flute, and was popularized by the highly-acclaimed, and my favourite Video Game Series ever, The Legend of Zelda.

My favourite of the bunch, my Electric Guitar. My "Sacred Ebony Blade" as I call it. I have many memories with this thing.

If you want the exact model number, it's an
Ibanez RG421QM

My Uke'. Just my Ukulele that was custom and designed by moi. 

When I say custom, it really means I got a Ukulele and drew on it. It looks pretty cool, I spent an entire afternoon working on this thing.

The "Guitar Family". Consists of the Sacred Ebony Blade(Electric Guitar), The War axe(Bass), and the Dagger of Healing(Ukulele).

I have also assigned to my electric guitar a girl name, but that information is classified and is only given out under very specific circumstances.

My "Divine Weapons Stock". It includes all of my wonderful instruments that have been taken care of for a very long time(the Acoustic Guitar is autographed and originally belonged to my dad, as well as the Bass. Both of which were passed down to me).

Obtaining this photo was a bit scary, considering I was walking around with this thing with people all around. It was taken on the weekend when my friend and I were originally going to jam out, but ended up walking outside instead. So I seized the opportunity and was rewarded with numerous images.

Here are some more.

I think I needed moar pikachus.

Anyways, that was my photo essay, I finally finished it, it's done after a long night. Now I can finally move on to other things.

In conclusion, it was fun, I had a good time doing it.

So, I leave you with what is here.

And as always,

You have a good one.

Special Thanks to this Guy



  1. You took my picture without my consent. But at least you credited me for the pictures I took of you. You used them well. Could use a little more text.

  2. I comment on my own post. 'is gud.

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