Saturday, December 6, 2014

Patty's photo essay

 This here is my Photo Essay enjoy 

There is some weird stuff here so beware. 

My Pencil case has all my supplies for drawing and doing school work. But look at the pins.  

  I had the camera on me and I decided to take a picture of the computer I was using in class and what I looked up… which was an anime called Haikyuu! It's a  volleyball anime. I usually look up random stuff during this class.

When I'm close to my house this is what I see. I took this picture because of the sky, see the transition of blue to an orange yellow. Its a pretty picture.
Everyday after school I walk by this and I remember the men and women that served this country to keep this place safe and other countries that need that sort of help also.

This is Diana or Nana
She is so cute, sometimes I can't even handle it                                                        

This two right here are my sisters they are adorable and they hurt you by accident. They have little elbows that dig into your stomach so be careful with that but they are my sisters and I'm their older sis.                                                                                                                                                                      

This is Viktoria

U mm here are my swords since people has either guitars or makeup or pencils I have swords beside my bed but don’t worry they are both wood (could still give people concussion- I mean splinters) . Both of them I got at  a convention one at Ai con and another at Comic con.

I drew what i was wearing that day on my MATH homework because thats what I do doodle on math.
I had bed hair so this was taken at the morning.

This is all the drawings I made for just one thing but I didnt even get a chance to even draw the finale. 
Hey my Zero Kiryuu plushy and my wanted poster is in the background.

My wall of drawing. My wall is pretty bland and I don't have any posters to put up but I do have drawings maybe soon I may have some prints up there.

And that is it hope you like it and I'll be going now bye.
Hope you have a nice day if it's not then wait till its the next you can make it better I'm sure of it.


  1. I like the picture you drew on your homework, the way it just focuses on the drawing. I think you should experiment on the angle shots. Other than that its really good.

  2. Commenting on my own photo essay

  3. Could use a little moar editing. I thought those katanas were pretty cool, but I was utterly disappointed and it was mildly underwhelming when I found out they were made of wood. It's okay I guess.

  4. Patricia

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