Friday, February 6, 2015

Andrea's Sargent Park Video Reflection


Sargent Park Video Reflection

   We were working on a video about showing what Sargent Park is and we we're suppose to use the i movie to make the video. I think the hardest part is like you have to take the pictures and videos of the elementary kids. It's hard because we have to make sure that the length of the videos fits the appropriate time. Also when you download the pictures and videos that you took, and put it in a folder. You have to like sort them so it's easy to find.
  Sometimes there's like kids that doesn't have permission to be in a video or and photographs, so it's sometimes hard to find an angle where those kids can't be seen. Maybe next time, if there's another group work, I should be in a small group because it's hard to work with a big group. But I had lots of fun working with them. Also learn a little bit about working on i movie. The pain of working this assignment is that we were crowded in one place.


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