Friday, February 6, 2015

Denice's Sargent Park Video Reflection

Sargent Park Video Reflection

When we were making the video it was kinda hard to play with the computer because there was 7 people and 1 computer, so it was kinda hard to play around and I didn't really know how to play around with iMovie. But I did (kinda, if you even count this as helping) help around to login in to the student account because Sophia can't get her password right. I kinda felt bad because I couldn't really help a lot, but I had fun making the video I kinda learn somethings. When we were taking pictures it was kinda awkward to ask the teachers if we could take photos, it was especially awkward when the teacher ask why we have to take photos and I was mostly the one taking because Andie and Lizley was too shy. It was fun seeing old teachers and old classroom, I had fun taking pictures and videos though people keep whispering why we're taking pictures and videos. Even though I couldn't help a lot, we still got it all done, thanks to Sophia for doing most of the work. At first we all took pictures of elementary, Jr. High, Nursery, and other classes. We were really shy, we only took photos of classes that we know the teacher of. We then took even more of Elementary because we didn't got a Macbook  so we ended up working with Mika and the others, I didn't really know what to do so I ended up just helping Sophia if she need anything. In enough of time we ended up finishing it. I really wish that I know how to use iMovie, because I just felt like I was just in the way. T^T


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