Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I Learned in Term 2

iMovie Reflection

Macro Madness

Andy Warhol

Photo Essay

Last term, I learned how to use different techniques in photoshop and how to use iMovie a bit more but i am still clueless on making a video. I learned to look at scenes from different angles and points of view. I learned how to use the manual focus on the cameras. Zooming in up close at different objects make them look unique and something entirely different from what it originally was. Using photoshop for the Andy Warhol was pretty easy once I knew what to do and it was fun using all the different colors.

This term, I want to learn how to photoshop better by using other techniques. I also want to learn how to use iMovie to create videos and movies so I can help with other projects. I want to learn different ways of filming videos. I want to know how to edit the videos like how they did in iMovie for the Sargent Park Video. I want to learn what makes an effective, strong and powerful image and how to create good transitions.


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