Friday, February 6, 2015

Sophia's Sargent Park Video Reflection

During the time when we were during the video it was really stressful because i didn't know what to do. So when I finally found what i was going to do i just freestyled the editing of the video. Editing the video wasn't so bad but I wasn't use to iMovie but as days passed i gradually got use to it and finally knew what to do. Getting the footage were very unorganized since we didn't know what to do we just took random footages and probably most of them we didn't use. Next time I think we should plan which people are going to do this and that to get the footage so the would have an idea what the should do. I also think that when theres people that aren't doing anything i think they should try and organize people. Maybe if they conversated with others and asked what they were doing maybe all the footages could have flowed. Having a theme is also a great idea of having a flow in the video if we had a song we could have listened to the videos would flow in the song together. I've made collaborations with other people when editing, we used a song as a base to know what to do. So next time we do a group project like this, lets make it flow. Also for people who didn't do anything for editing you tried to get footages for us. So Thanks anyways~

I was stressed.



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