Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Daves Movie Reflection

When were were making the video, I had a lot of fun. During the process of making the video, I found it very hard and confusing because we were working as a whole class and sometime we didn't know what the other groups were doing. But getting all the footage was really fun! having to videotape with those really big cameras was the best experience I've ever had. I felt like i was an old time movie producer at one point.

I learned so many things! But the #1 thing that i learned that i thought was the best was actually learning how to use imovie on a macbook! at the beginning it looked really intimidating and complicated. But soon afterwards, i got the hang of it and it got easier and easier every time i used it. Also i learned that its not easy to work with a WHOLE class to make a video/movie. It can be frustrating at some points but we pulled together to make a great movie that we were all proud of.


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