Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reflection Shine Who I Am

   Hello Hella 
 I would considered this a fun assignment since we were able to use the big cameras and record. The beginning was a little hard since at first we didn't know what to record but after a little while we had gotten a hand on it. We were a little scared to ask the teachers since reasons. So when we filmed in the gym I was scared to go ask because I had the big camera with me and the class already there was playing basketball, so I was practically scared of the balls.When we were looking for photos we found some old pics with us in like grade 6 or 7 so it was like fetus pictures and they were quiet funny seeing all of them in there pre-teen age. ( I couldn't find any with me in them but its okay). I also couldn't find a pic so make do with this one ok 

Sorry not sorry. 


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