Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sarah's 'WE are Sargent Park' Video Reflection.

WE are Sargent Park Reflection

           While making this movie for Sargent Park School, I realized a couple things. One was that communication was vital in completing this task as a group. In my case, I am used to working on projects alone or with a smaller group of people, however trying to coordinate an entire class to work on the same page was really out of my comfort zone. At first I felt I couldn't properly express my ideas for others to hear, being that my voice is not the most audible. That's when I realized that this project was much different, instead of me just sitting in front of a screen and working on my own decree, I would have to communicate, and would also have to do something a bit scary for me, which is relying on others. I stressed out about this project to an extreme extent, and had at least one sleepless night of just worrying about what I could do. The problem was I could not just pick up a Mac alone and finish the project myself; I would have to discuss my plans with others, and again do the very dreaded talking thing. At first I felt I couldn't do that at all, and that sent me to a low point, adding to much more stress for me.
I now had to seriously think about what I should do in order to have an active role in the making of this movie. I finally came to face the fact that in order to do this I had to try to inch myself away from my comfort zone, and so I did, or at least tried to. Ultimately I was able to contribute to some good ideas for the group. It felt really good to help out, and I was flattered to hear that my other rather artistically gifted classmates liked my ideas as well.
Another thing that I had realized was that you can learn a lot from the people around you. I am so fortunate to be in a class that is so diverse, inspired, and not to mention, artistic. Everyone has their gifts and talents, and by working a bit closer with them than normally, I could sample a bit of their talents and pick up a few worthy techniques. For instance, I learned how to make an ordinary picture on a movie more radiant by placing aesthetically appealing text, and changing its transition. Additionally I learned how to take effective shots for a very specific theme.
While making the movie:  Working on a deadline for such a big project may seem far fetched and almost impossible, and I also worried if we could ever get it done on time. After making a plan however, and having the work divided off we could actually start getting somewhere. Our group worked on the transitions, and the beginning and end. We would search the computer for interesting videos and pictures and search our minds for any glint of a creative thought and then edit, enhance and crop away at the rusty edges. We worked and talked and listened, and in the end the results were satisfactory.

In summary, despite being removed from my comfort zone, I feel that I was able to gain certain benefits from this experience that will help develop my skills as a student.
(Picture by Blek/ Name: Caged Ideas)


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