Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Oh The Things I Learned In Term 2

What I Learned in Term 2:
       The things that I learned in Term 2 was editing pictures like Andy Warhol and exploring more of Photoshop. Before this class I never used Photoshop at all and I was introduced and exposed more to it. I didn't know how to edit photos and make the colors stand out more. But with Photoshop I can make good pictures and make them look a little better because of the colors I make stand out. Also, removing the background and changing the colors on a person and making it look very artistic. I also learned to use the manual focus on the camera. I never used the cameras we use in this class but it taught me the different ways of using it and manual focus being one of them.

       Next term I wanna learn more things on iMovie and how to use it better and be an expert at it. Especially when it comes to editing videos with all the effects and making it even better. Also, being more exposed to photoshop and not just with editing but making pictures look even better and even more interesting. I wanna make a very boring picture into something really interesting and make the viewers see the details that aren't noticed a lot. 


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