Friday, February 6, 2015

Lizley's Sargent Park Video Reflection

Sargent Park Video Reflection

I think the hard part we did in doing this is taking the pictures and videos. And I guess for me is to think of ideas in the first place. Because the good ideas were already taken and the ones I thought of requires a lot of time and may be nearly impossible to do with the programs we should use. And it took us some time get photos and videos to finish because we have to take those on certain times. Like when we have to take videos on 3:25-3:35 so we could record kids leaving school. So I missed my bus that day (that's the pain =T). I feel funny though in taking photos because I felt like a cameraman from a news channel.

Then, we're gonna think of what class is the next class we should take photos of. Because some groups might have been to that class already. And then pile them all up on a folder, view them one at a time, then decide which ones are gonna be used and then edit stuff. And also in the video editing process, there's a lot of people in our class and jobs are just few.


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