Friday, February 6, 2015

Hannah's Sargent Park Video reflection

Creating this project was a lot of fun. I'm glad I got to take pictures and clips from lots of different angles. It requires a lot of hard work and extra time to finish. It was hard working with only one camera but we made it work. We took a lot of pictures, but deleted most. We only kept the ones that really looked nice and are related to the project. It was scary asking teachers if we can take pictures during their class but it worked out well. Even though we didn't get to take pictures of all of the things listed in the board we still got most of them. Taking clips was really hard without a tripod. My hands kept on shaking even though I was trying to hold the camera still while walking. The others did very well in taking their clips even though they didn't have a tripod. A new technique I learned was that you could put the camera on the floor and still take really good clips and its not moving or shaking. You should try to get different angles until you find the one your most satisfied with. Working with a group was fine, it took a lot of teamwork. Even though I didn't get to play with imovie I still watched the others splitting the clips, zooming it in on the part they want, adding clips and many more. I learned a lot of stuff just by watching them. This project was really fun and educational I learned a lot of things and new techniques.


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