Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oh The Thing I Learned in Term 2

Term 2 Assignments:

Photo Essay 

Andy Warhol

Macro Madness

We are Sargent Park Reflection

In Term 2, I learned more things about what Photoshop can do through the Andy Warhol assignment. I also learned more about Photoshop by editing my pictures for projects like my macro madness and photo essay. I also learned how to use iMovie through the "We are Sargent Park" video. Before that project, I had no idea how to work in iMovie. But after a stressful month of editing, at least I know how to edit a simple video.

Next term, I would like to learn more about Photoshop. I've always been fascinated by people who know how to use the program. I wan't to learn everything about any Photoshop application out there. Mainly because I want to mess around and create weird things. Learning how to use Photoshop like a professional is what I'd want to learn in Term 3 for my personal enjoyment.  


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