Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Patrick's We Are Sargent Park Reflection

      In this project my group consisting of Jayson and Andren we had to create a video that represented our whole school. We all started to brainstorm our ideas in the beginning on a huge paper. We all had to take pictures of the fun things that Sargent Park consisted of. We had to work with other groups as well and combine all of our parts of the school in the end. Our group focused more on the junior high students. Taking pictures were the easiest part of this assignment because of all the coolest things that we have in this school. Combining all our ideas at the end and making the whole video was the hardest part in this assignment. We had to work with 3 other groups consisting of at least 4 people in that group. With all of our ideas jumping up and down the place we still managed to produce a project that represented  our school in a very good way. We still managed to finish the movie in time and also a very good turn out at the end!


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