Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kris Gail's Movie Reflection

Creating the movie was difficult, but fun at the same time. During the process of making the movie, I've got the chance to take pictures and videos. I've learned a lot of techniques of how to use the camera in different forms. It was difficult to put all the ideas that the class had in mind for a 5 minutes or less, that we ended doing different things with the different groups. The most difficult part is how we only had 4 laptops to work with and that only 4 people have the chance to use and work in the laptop. I helped to make some of the transitions that was used in the video. I didn't get to help as much as I wanted during the process of the movie because everyone was doing different things that, I ended up looking for old photos that can be used for the movie. It was fun helping Dave's group to find the pictures that they needed to finish the process of the actual movie. We thought that it would be impossible to finish the movie in less than a week. We had a lot of time gathering the pictures and clips that we might need, but we only get to use some of them and most got deleted. We had at least a week to put all the ideas that we had. I sure did learn a lot of things during the process of making the video. 


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