Monday, February 16, 2015

Oh the Things I Learned in Term 2!

In this term I learned how to take photos from different angles. I also learned new and different things about photo shop in the making of my Andy Warhol pop art. I learned lots of stuff from Imovie too like adding photos, zooming in on the video, splitting clips and lots more. It was a lot of fun playing with Macro Madness, in this I learned that you can make anything even little things look interesting. In the photo essay I learned that you can take pictures and turn them into an essay or a story

In the process of making the yearbook I want to learn 1) How to make pictures into a collage using adobe photoshop and make them into an object like a torch or a bottle. 2) How to wrap stuff around an object like a set of clips around a torch 3) I want to learn how to apply a gradient color using photoshop. These are some things I want to learn during the term.


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