Tuesday, February 17, 2015

On the Things I Learned this Term 2!

In Term 2, I've learned a lot from using Photoshop, camera and Imovie. I've learned how to make to make a pop art like Andy Warhol using Adobe Photoshop. I've also used Photoshop to enhance the photo that I've taken using the cameras for my Macro Madness and Photo Essay assignments. I've learned more thing about Imovie. I've learned how to zoom in to a certain things, to put video clips and edit them using the program, and to cut the video or picture to just keep the sounds in the background. During the process of making these four assignments, I had the chance to explore more by using the camera  and using the different shots and angles. 

For Term I would like to explore Photoshop more. I would like to learn how to put pictures into a picture that people would not recognize that I used photoshop. I would also want to learn how to animate a pictures.  


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