Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sophia's What I learned in term 2!

iMovie Reflection

In term 2 I learned a lot of techniques using the camera.We learned how to ghost, macro, and to do manual focus. In ghosting we needed to change the aperture setting and needed to play around with the camera. For most of the techniques we did were all about playing with the camera and how to be creative with it. I also learned how to edit in Photoshop using the Andy Warhol technique. The Andy Warhol technique is basically making our photos look cartoon-like and add bright colours to them to make them stand out.We also had to make a video about our school which was a bit stressful but we managed to finish it. I learned how to use iMovie and transition the videos together make it fit.  

For the next term i would like to play more around Photoshop and learn more techniques with the camera. Maybe work on the yearbook more and take more memorable pictures for the yearbook. So when people go back to see it when they are older they will remember the time they had in Sargent Park.


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