Friday, February 6, 2015

Mika's Sargent Park Video Reflection

I think the most hardest thing we did was to collect pictures or films for the video. Most of us are shy to ask to take pictures or film so we don't have most of the stuff we need like cooking, sewing, and more elementary. The second hardest thing we had to do is finding out how to do transitions for each of our video and how we put everything together. Sophia mostly did the editing and rendering of our video while my job is to find pictures for our video. I didn't really get to do a lot of stuff, I only did collage of elementary, asking if people needs help, finding music and trying to make a pizza video for the credits which ended really badly since I need to convert it to MP4 so I couldn't finish it or do it. I was really stressful on making this video since everyone doesn't have anything to do or doesn't know what to do so they ended up watching videos and such. Overall everyone did a great job, our communication was really good and work in our extra time. Next time I think all of us should gather together and plan how we should do this since this video was pretty much random and put random stuff together. I really hoped that we make a story line if we're making a whole class video next time. I was hoping to do a girl who graduated from Sargent and is currently in university. She was looking for something and knocked out this box that was full of memories in Sargent. She then tries to gather up the mess but then when she picks up a picture, she remembers those moments then that'll be our transition every time she picks up a picture. I hope we get to do this with the whole class again.


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