Friday, February 13, 2015

Things I learned in Term 2

Project Links:

Macro Photography Assignment-

Sargent Park Video Reflection-

Andy Warhol Assignment-
Photo Essay Assignment-

I've learned many things mostly on Photoshop, but not so much in iMovie. I learn how to make an Andy Warhol on Photoshop, putting filters on the photos on Photoshop, and how to adjust/ enhance colour/ hue saturation. I learned somethings on  iMovie like deleting the sound, and putting effects. And I also learned that taking pictures of sunsets in winter is not a good idea.

Even though I didn't really participate on the movie I still had fun, like going back to the gr. 6 rooms/hallways , though I felt bad. The Marco Assignment was easy but hard to take the picture because it's always blurry and it's hard to take a picture of things that is hard to tell what is. The Andy Warhol Assignment was kinda hard/confusing because of the instructions that was given, but I got the hang on it, it was fun because I got to learn many other things on Photoshop that I didn't know about. The Photo Essay was hard because it's hard to pick a topic and a story that make sense and that fits. And I don't have that many interest except for anime and food but I don't cook it, I eat it. And it's freezing cold, it's hard to take pictures at night in winter! because I was shaking.


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